Supported Devices

Almond Coffee

Icon for Almond Coffee

Order Coffee. Demo Interface, does nothing.

Bing Search

Icon for Bing Search

Search the web with Bing

Bluetooth Speaker

Icon for Bluetooth Speaker

A generic Bluetooth speaker supporting A2DP (high quality audio)

BodyTrace Scale

Icon for BodyTrace Scale

You can use a BodyTrace Scale to keep track of your weight and your health

Demo Light-bulb

Icon for Demo Light-bulb

A light-bulb that offers the Hue API but does not need local connectivity.

Dropbox Account

Icon for Dropbox Account

Gives access to your Dropbox files

Facebook Account

Icon for Facebook Account

Connect your ThingEngine with Facebook to access status updates, photos and more

Fitbit Tracker

Icon for Fitbit Tracker

Interface for Fitbit wearable trackers

Generic Bluetooth Device

Icon for Generic Bluetooth Device

The most generic of Bluetooth classes, it supports no operation at all. It is used if nothing more specific is found.


Icon for Giphy

A GIF a day keeps the doctor away.

Github Account

Icon for Github Account

Integrate Sabrina with your Github workflow.

Gmail Account

Icon for Gmail Account

Connect your ThingEngine with Gmail to access and manage your emails.

Google Account

Icon for Google Account

Just for login for now.

Google Drive

Icon for Google Drive

Connect your ThingEngine with Google Drive to access and manage your files.

Holidays Calendar

Icon for Holidays Calendar

Be notified of US and UK holidays.

iCalendar Events

Icon for iCalendar Events

Monitor your iCalendars and be notified when events start

Imgflip Meme Generator

Icon for Imgflip Meme Generator

Generate Memes with imgflip


Icon for Instagram

Instagram interface.