An Open Thing Platform

Thingpedia and Almond are part of the Open Thing Platform, a research project ofthe Stanford Mobile and Social Computing Research Group, a research team dedicated on the creating novel user experience, system architecture, infrastructure and security protocols for the open mobile internet.

Open Thing Platform is an open source implementation of a distributed IoT control hub and personal data store. The main goal of this project is to design an IoT system that gives users ownership over their own data; also our system aims to provide user-friendly natural language interface that helps make use of one's own data.

Almond is the workhorse in the Open Thing Platform, asit is the place where the rules and the apps that are defined using OTP technology are actually run.

This instance of Almond also hosts the Thingpedia, the public repository of "things" that other components of the platform can refer to. It hosts the modules to access the things and the implementation of their communication protocol, it provides documentation for people buildings apps for OTP, and ultimately fosters a friendly open source community of makers and researchers in the field of IoT.

Getting Almond

Almond comes in three form:

  • As a phone app, for Android. You can download it on the Google Play Store.
  • As an installable app for a home server. Binaries of Almond Server for multiple operating systems and architectures are available here.
  • The web service you're looking at, which is provided free of charge to the research community.
  • Almond is free software, released under the GPLv2 or later, to help build a community of developers and users around it.

Our Team

Monica Lam

Monica Lam is a Professor in the Computer Science Department at Stanford University since 1988. She received a B.Sc. from University of British Columbia in 1980 and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University in 1987. She is the Faculty Director of the Stanford MobiSocial Computing Laboratory and a co-PI in the POMI (Programmable Open Mobile Internet) 2020 project, which is an NSF Expedition started in 2008.

Giovanni Campagna

CS PhD, platform backend development

Rakesh Ramesh

EE PhD, natural language frontend

Silei Xu

CS PhD, Android platform development

Michael Fischer

CS PhD, UX design

Previous members of our team include Albert Chen, Zhiyang He, Jiaqi Xue, Aashna Garg, Jiwon Seo, Sadjad Fouladi and Reynis Vazquez. We thank them for their valuable support.